On LaTeX and Ubuntu

As a student doing a research masters, I am using LaTeX for the creation of all my reports and presentations that are to be submitted. I have also just recently switch back to using Ubuntu for work purposes and am now running the latest version. The other day I was checking out some of the new LaTeX add ons from ctan and wanted to experiment (very slow evening). However it came to my surprise that some of these new packages/add ons were not in the latest repo’s for Ubuntu. After a little digging aroudn it was soon clear that the ”latest” deb packages for Ubuntu  contained texlive2007!!! The current version that I am aware of is texlive2008 and that has a nice tlmgr that allows one to update their LaTeX install willy nilly. Apparently this falls down to in part debians fault  but I am nto going to blame anyone, shit just happens.

So my recommendation if you use Ubuntu (i have no idee about Fedora or other non debian based distros), is to go to http://www.tug.org/texlive/ and install it from there. The down side is that this falls outside of the whole installing software from a distros package management software and ensuring dependancies. But hey who cares its good to be a non-conformist for a while.


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