Customising Komodo Edit’s Colour Scheme

Komodo Edit is a nice little cross platform text editor for dynamic languages from Active state based upon the XUL framework from Mozilla. I like as it is, among other things, an awesome Python editor. It provides some basic project management features, and some auto-completion and call-tips. The latter of which does become handy ever so often.

However its default colouring scheme could do with some improvements. Currently it looks like so:

When I use emacs, I use Gnome 2 as the ‘theme’, for example:

Emacs Theme Gnome2

So the other day I took the plunge and created a Gnome2 ‘inspired’ theme for Komodo Edit. As always it is in perpetual development but at the moment it looks just fine. As you can see in image, below:

I have tweaked some of the colours to improve visibility but on par it makes Komodo Edit look more purdy. One thing to note is that the list of Keywords for Python in Komodo Edit is not as extensive, as that with Emacs 😦 . However after a quick search, I found a post that explained how to add keywords. For Python, just locate the file and add the following code in the constructor of the koPythonLexerLanguageService class:


And fill in the keywords you want. You can find the colour scheme file and keyword code here.


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