Youtube Dj’ing


Today I was bored as hell, having a complete day off from everything (again) and had this song from the 1990’s stuck in my head. The problem was that I could not remember its name or who it was by, the only thing I could remember was a phrase along the lines of “…not alone”. Thankfully youtube came to the rescue and helped me narrow the search down by first suggesting “Better off alone” by Alice Deejay and in its related videos section I found the tune, which was “You’re not alone” by Olive. But the notion that there are a lot of music videos on youtube and that the related videos section can give like songs and alternate versions led me to the idea of:

YouTube Dj’ing

Using Youtube to come up with a decent playlist/set. And following these instructions:

  1. Select a song at random
  2. Choose the next song from the list presented in Related Videos, the same artist can be used in succession as long as it is different songs
  3. repeat until either no more new songs or get bored

One should be able to come up with a decent playlist. My first one which is decent enough by my standards includes:

Artist Songs
Olive You’re not alone
Sonique It feels so good, Sky
Alice Deejay Better Off Alone
Darude Sandstorm
Sash Ecuador
DJ Quicksilver Bellissima
DJ Sammy Heaven, Fly on the wings of love
Cascada Everytime We Touch, Truly Madly Deeply
N-Trance Set You Free
Dj Tiesto Adagio for Strings
Ian van Dahk I can’t let you go, Castles in the Sky
Fragma Toca’s Miracle
Danii Minogue I begin to Wonder
Danzel Pump it Up